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Global Trade & Investment


Eicomar Global Trade & Investment admires the challenging environment in the market and has always welcomed the tough competition. Our goal is to be unique in everything we do and to be a role model in the industry. We need to gather all the facts, do the right research, and analyse the exact reports. We have to look at our business as a whole and not concentrate on one part. Our goal is to be recognized as the best symbol for International Trading Company, and we will strive to grow both locally and globally.

About Us

We are an international trading company based in Greater Poland , specializing in trading worldwide. As your trading partner, we can offer you a wide range of expertise in marketing and sales of your products and services. Whether you, as a manufacturer or distributor, want to start or expand the presence of your products in the international trading market or are looking for a specific overseas product or service, we can assist you in fulfilling your mission.

Our Mission

Creating sustainable and profitable growth, creating value for: our employees, our business partners, our customers and our consumer

Mutual trust

Our Values

Customer service: Our commitment to our customers, consumers and

to provide the best services to our business partners.

  •  Teamwork: We have the ability to work together toward the company vision.
  • Quality: We are proud of the quality of the work done and the result.
  • Integrity: One of our core values is integrity. It is represented by honesty, fairness and accountability.
  • Joy: We show passion for our work, act professionally and enjoy what we do.


Export & Import

Our company provides support services for firms engaged in exporting & importing. This includes warehousing, shipping, insuring, and billing on behalf of our clients.

Our main goal is to help manufacturers find overseas buyers and provide them with other pertinent market information.


Competence for target countries – a successfull market entry starts here.

Experienced Eicomar Global Trade & Investment associates are ready to explore new target countries for you or to expand existing activities in foreign countries in a systematic and strategic approach. All of them are adept sales professionals with a long-standing experience record in export management and business operations within the cultural backgrounds of both, Poland and the target country. These associates will find the right business partner or distributor to implement your plans in the foreign country. They will also develop an adequate marketing concept and will furnish you with substantiated market analysis and clearly defined action plans for your target countries.



What are the chances to really be successful? Who are the competitors we must beat? Right at the beginning, EICOMAR has all the important information for you to take the right decisions.


We make markets transparent and facilitate your market entry



Market surveys facilitate your decision process and safeguard your success.

FBA market surveys prepare for the right choice of country, provide solid recommendations for a pre-selected target country and for your specific range of products to be offered. They will give concrete answers to questions like those listed below:

What is the size of my market/market potential/market share?

Which sales volume can I expect to achieve realistically?

How are the competitors positioned, pricewise and productwise?

What are the options for product distribution and which distributors would exist?

How can I get access to these distribution channels?

How can I reach my target group and achieve brand awareness?


Competitive analyses show you how to prevail in a market.

Complementary to market surveys we would recommend you to have a competitive analysis conducted. This will provide valuable information on how difficult or easy it will be to succeed against competitors. Competitive analyses by FBA will give concrete answers to questions like those listed below:

Who are my competitors in the new market and which profiles do they have?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of these competitors?

What would be considered a prudent market approach strategy for my company?

Or, in case you are already present on this market: How are our products perceived as compared to the competition?

The results are prepared in order to meet your goals.


Business partner search and Export consulting

FBA will identify dependable partners in the target country envisaged, will assess the competencies and will assist you in your final selection. Irrespective of whether or not you want to get closer to the market or translocate your production, FBA will identify the right country and a suitable site location.



· New and suitable business partners for your international success -EICOMAR.BUSINESS PARTNER SEARCH.


Achieving higher sales and returns with excellent sales partners.

Having the right partners on the local level is the key success factor for your international sales operations. The local partners are your link to customers in the target country. They must have a thorough understanding or your products, they must be a good match to your company, they must possess market and sales competencies, they must be experienced and well established, and they must be dependable. That is why the search for distributors or business partners is so crucial for your company’s success. By the same token it is true to say: This cannot be achieved as a side-product. You do not only need excellent contacts on the local level, but also the necessary time for the local follow-up. Both of these prerequisites are usually not available in the own organisation next to the day-to-day routine work.


Site location search for distribution and production

You are thinking about an expansion of your local presence? Welcome to the club! Eicomar accompanies the process of establishing a local site operation, starting from the analysis of these motivations, continuing with identification and evaluation of site-related factors, the search for the right location, and ending with the actual structural set-up on the local level.